Sites to See-Vegas

Some Fun Things to Do If This Is Your First Time in

Las Vegas Walking and Without a Car

1. See the Venetian Hotel first; it is 11-minute walk from the Flamingo. This is a five-star hotel where you can enjoy fine food, shopping, and take a gondola ride through the middle of the complex. The genre is Italian and patterned after Venice.

2. Keep walking North, up the strip for 13 minutes, and visit the Wynn. This is another five-star hotel especially noted for its beautiful floral garden.

3. Walk 20 minutes south—back toward the Flamingo—to Caesars Palace, which is located directly across from the Flamingo. Enjoy more food, shopping, and take-in the ambiance of a Roman-themed hotel.

4. Walk to the Bellagio, which is next door to Caesars Palace, and visit another beautiful floral garden. The Bellagio is another five-star hotel where everything inside is simply first-class and beautiful to see.

5. While inside the Bellagio, ask any employee and they will direct you to the free tram [monorail] that takes you to the Monte Carlo Hotel. From there, you can take other free monorail rides to as far south as Mandalay Bay.

6. You will now be on the South end of the Las Vegas strip. If desired, you can walk to the New York New York, MGM Grand, and/or Luxor Hotels. The latter is shaped like a pyramid with obvious interesting architecture.

7. When finished touring the south end of the strip, take the tram (monorail) back to the Bellagio—which is across the street from the Flamingo. The fountain shows are beautiful and see as many as you have time to view.

8. Walk across the street and visit the Paris Hotel, which is French-themed; going up the Eifel Tower provides a beautiful evening view of the Las Vegas Strip.

9. Walk toward the Flamingo Hotel and enjoy the promenade on your way back to the hotel, which is located directly behind the Flamingo. In this general direction, you will see signs for the High Roller. This is Vegas’ new Ferris-wheel-looking attraction. You ride inside a pod, the attraction is very similar to the London Eye, and the view of the strip at night is beautiful.

10. If you desire to see a show, then visit one of the many “half-price-ticket outlets” located nearby. Note that some of these outlets sell tickets to shows at Caesars Entertainment-owned hotels and other outlets sell tickets to shows at the MGM-owned hotels. The tickets are sold daily, at significant discounts, typically up to half-price—depending on what the expected attendances is on that specific night (i.e. the less the expected attendance, the greater will be the discount—and vice versa). Purchase tickets during the day of the show you desire to see.

Additional Potential Extended Excursions

You can catch a bus or Uber downtown and see the hourly light show. The atmosphere downtown is more rowdy and very different than the typical five-star-hotel-experience in central strip of Vegas.

You can book a bus tour to Hoover Dam, which is roughly an hour’s drive from the Flamingo.

If you decide to arrive a day earlier or later than the conference, you can book a bus or flight to see the Grand Canyon.

Note: Be sure you wear very comfortable walking shoes! Walking times above are based on Google maps data.