Graduate Student Colloquium

Monday, February 24th, 2020 ~ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Writing For Publication: Walking the Road Together

Part One: “From Draft to Press: Jump Starting Your Publication Agenda”

Part Two: “Ethics and Authorship: A Graduate Student's Guide to Open Negotiations”

We are excited to announce the second annual Graduate Student Colloquium. The colloquium's aim is for graduate students to nurture intercollegiate partnerships and mentorship opportunities with the purpose of advancing EQRC/AABSS/CARE graduate student scholarship and supporting the unique needs of graduate students. Both new and also students who attended last year are encouraged to attend.

This is a two-part interactive session:

The first section of the workshop is titled, “From Draft to Press: Jump Starting Your Publication Agenda.” The presenters will share practical tips tailored to graduate students, including preparing a publishable manuscript, selecting a suitable journal for your manuscript, submitting to your selected journal, communicating with editors, and responding to reviewer comments for your revision. The panel members also will address higher potential acceptance bars that sometimes exist for submissions that are made by students who have no faculty co-authorship, distinguishing between assigned graduate coursework and independent publications (including how to finesse those differences), considering which types of publications will assist in the future faculty job search, how to identify these suitable journals in the search, and juggling the responsibilities of a student with the necessity to determine when a manuscript has been properly and adequately prepared for submission. Discussion will be encouraged and the floor will open for Q/A.

The colloquium's second section will include a talk titled, "Ethics and Authorship: A Graduate Student's Guide to Open Negotiations," during which presenters will delve into the opportunities and challenges students may face when negotiating authorship with co-authors.

In summary, you will find the colloquium to be interesting, informative, and productive toward potentially becoming published. Among other valuable activities during your time at the upcoming research conference, we hope you will prioritize attendance at the colloquium. The workshops promise to be engaging and we look forward to making your acquaintance.

About the Organizing Presenter

Jennifer E. Killham, Ph.D. is a Visiting Assistant Professor with the Graduate Child Development Program at University of La Verne's La Fetra College of Education. In addition to inspiring students in the classroom, she has written several successful mentoring grants aimed at introducing new authors to the academic publication process. Killham was the 2017 recipient of the McGraw Hill Award from the Conference in Academic Research in Education and the 2013 recipient for Exemplary Scholarship for the Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. She has several recent publications, including an October 2018 article on graduate student success which was featured in the Journal for Behavioral and Social Sciences. She also has five book chapters on social justice pedagogy, published works with international colleagues in the book Game-Based Learning and the Power of Play: Exploring Evidence, Challenges and Future Directionsand the International Journal for Game-Based Learning, and an edited textbook with Pearson titled Real Life Issues of Tweens to Teen: A Human Development Perspective. She has served as a guest editor for the Journal of Education and Social Justice and, in 2019, will assume the role of principal contact for the journal Technology, Humanities, Education and Narrative. She enjoys reviewing manuscripts for the journal Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education and has been a reviewer for a number of conferences, including the American Educational Research Association and the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum.