The American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences (AABSS), the Conference on Academic Research in Education (CARE), and the Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference (EQRC) are three, independent events with separate histories, registrations, and printed programs.

In order to better leverage costs and minimize registration fees for all three conferences, AABSS, CARE, and EQRC are being hosted at the same time and venue during 2020. Nonetheless, they remain existing as three, independent, national research conferences. As such, the three conferences possess independent proposal submissions, peer-reviews, printed programs, presentation rooms at the Flamingo, registration tables at the conference, name badges, and the like.

Scholars who have generated more than one research study and who desire to present at AABSS, CARE, and/or EQRC may submit independent proposals to any of the respective conferences through,, and/or Acceptance/rejection decisions will be made separately and independently for each of the respective proposals. Note that EQRC only accepts distinctively qualitative research proposals.

If authors submitted different proposals to different conferences then, if accepted, such authors only pay one (1) single registration fee. For example, if an author had a proposal accepted at, say, both EQRC and CARE, then he/she would only pay one registration fee upon submission of a single, comprehensive registration information form.

In short, complete a single registration form on the website of one of the conferences you will be attending and submit only one payment.

Feel free to contact Dr. Michael Firmin, who serves as Director for the conferences, via, if you have questions.