2022 Proposal Submission

extended Submission deadline February 28, 2022

You may be first author on one (1) lecture session presentation and one (1) poster session presentations. There is no limit regarding the number of sessions on which you may be listed as a co-author.

As part of the proposal submission, you will be requested to provide the abstract and summary information as described below:

PROPOSED ABSTRACT (that will appear in conference program, 120-150 words): Summarize the sample, sample size, method, and clearly identify the study's findings/results. If the paper is conceptual, rather than empirical, then summarize the scholarly argument. The abstract will appear in the program, so it MUST summarize the study's RESULTS.

SUMMARY of the proposed presentation for peer review (500-600 words). (1) Indicate the sample and results, (2) Do NOT include a lit review, cite any references, or include a bibliography, (3) If the paper is conceptual, rather than empirical, then provide a summary of the scholarly argument and implications. Only the peer-reviewers will view the proposal summary; it will NOT appear in the conference program. Please do not submit full papers here.

Extended submission deadline is FEBRUARY 28, 2022