2021 Fees

2021 Conference Registration Fee:

Rates when you are:

$99. USD - 1st Author on either a poster or lecture

$49. USD - Co-Author only

$49. USD - UNLV Other [not COE]

$49. USD - e-Attendee only

Non-refundable payment is due by MAY 20th and must be received BEFORE presentation(s) will be posted on the website.

There is one (1) single conference registration fee that is inclusive of all conference activities, with no additional charges for workshops, CEU sessions, viewing lectures/posters at the EQRC virtual conference.

The registration fee covers only this conference. If you have accepted papers in CARE and/or AABSS you must also register for the other conference. The plan will be to resume the usual one fee covers all conferences next year for an on-site conference.

You are encouraged to consider manuscript submission to JBSS (www.jbssjournal.org) and/or JEQR (www.jeqr.org) for potential publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Register/pay the conference registration fee HERE.